Wednesday’s word is ‘resilience’. Probably the biggest and most important trait in any high performing recruiter. Purely by coincidence, last night we noticed it was Nelson Mandela day today and there’s no greater example of resilience than this man right here! While most of us can’t even imagine the challenges that Mandela himself endured, we all face struggles and stressors of our own, some minor and some major, all of which call into question our own powers to cope.

So today, if you’ve had a put a job on hold, a candidate accept a counter offer, someone no show for a temp job or a client approaching a candidate directly, here are 5 tips to supporting your resilience:

1. Regulate your emotions, don’t let it fester.

2. Practice empathy and try to understand things from someone elses perspective.

3. Reach out and connect with others; colleagues, friends, clients and candidates.

4. Practice Self-Efficacy. First and foremost we have to believe in ourselves and our powers to get things done!

5. Develop your problem solving skills, research suggests that people who are able to come up with solutions to a problem are better able to cope with problems than those who cannot.

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Here are 5 lessons from Mandela on resilience by Jan Bruce from meQuilibrium